Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order by Diego Lazzarin


A 160 pages fully coloured graphic novel by Diego Lazzarin.
17 x 24 cm Printed on 140g Acroset paper (Cover - 350g Acroset).

THE STORY: Aminoacid Boy is a creature from outer space sent on Earth from his Lord, a bio-architectural-metal-meat-machine living in a dark cave. He generates the whole things in a chaotic way. Physical and mechanical laws drive the transformations in his universe where equilibrium and chaotic states alternate without any final aim.
The Lord discovers that on planet Earth there are species whose individuals can find their own reasons for living, they have desires and will. They are able to feel pain and self-accomplishment. To Lord's eyes this is something extraordinary and illogical. Amino is sent on Earth to understand the reason of this anomalous behaviour.
To accomplish his mission, Amino has the power to assimilate the DNA from human and animal species he gets in contact with. His DNA evolves and becomes more and more similar to the one of those creatures. This way Amino should understand them better.
Unfortunately, Amino is not going to be alone on Earth. The Chaos Order will soon reach him. I won't say what's happening next!!!

English language

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