Bonding by Cristian Castelo


Bonding by Cristian Castelo, with back up stories by Miles Macdiarmid and Shaheen Beardsley. 40 pages, 8 x 10.5 inches, printed on newsprint, full color.

Published by Domino Books

Cristian Castelo brings us the most visually electric treatments of a certain intrepid ward centric adventurer ever put to page. If you believe in the psychedelic, explosive cartoony potential of genre adventure comics, the pages here will surpass even those beliefs. Get some perimeters-that-border-a-room crawling thrills with the most beautiful superhero comic you ever dared to dream of. Castelo's Freak Comix peers Miles Macdiarmid and Shaheen Beardsley weigh in with their own subversion. 40 overflowing pages, true believer!

English language

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