Bubbles #18


From Bubbles website:

"Bubbles #18 is 44 pages long

In this issue I go on a road trip to visit alternative comic shops across the north-east and I interview each shop and write about my trip.

Interviews with 9 comic shops:
- Atomic Books in Baltimore, MD
- Partners and Son in Philadelphia, PA
- Desert Island in New York City
- Librairie Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal, QC
- The Beguiling in Toronto, ON
- Gutter Pop Comics in Buffalo, NY
- Lion's Tooth in Milwaukee, WI
- Quimby's in Chicago, IL
- Copacetic Comics / Doomed Planet in Pittsburgh, PA

I also documented a talk that John Pocellino gave at Beloit College that I attended on this road trip. I also write about my time at Crossroads Columbus.

Also an interview with Anand, author of Stories From Zoo.

Comic by Juliette Collet

Article: Who I Was Through Who I Am: Transgender Sentiment in Inside Mari by lyra eckersley

Also this is the most reviews I've ever done for an issue before, over 65 new comics reviewed, 7 pages of reviews".

English language

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