Cowlick Comics #7


Cowlick Comics #7, edited by Floyd Tangeman. Magazine size, full color, 100+ pages

Published by Deadcrow

Another Floyd Tangeman edited anthology, just as essential and transgressive as the others! This one is kind of a spiritual in-between from Tinfoil and Jaywalk, short pieces, some in color, wild in nature but with a bit more storytelling push than Tinfoil. True blue, 100% real comic books, if you get zero enjoyment out of this one, it's on you. This one is the 100+ page spectacular with the greatest comics talent in USA:
Owila LEE Juliette collet floyd tangeman Angela fanche Nate Garcia Virgil Warren deji Lasi Helen criaco keenan Argo molly Dwyer Dan Welch Ashton Carless max Burlingame Krents and buzzard and Austin english Matthew Thurber nazir hedgepeth Chloe dimitriou yasmeen Abedifard niku radan Emilio Lara Yano Rivera Katie lane edan mor mikael choukroun Charlotte pelisseir Zoë Paoli max Frackman Sawyer arkilic Nick Fowler Minnie Slocum yates Cessna Sarah Kirby matty D'Angelo Andrew Alexander harry nordlinger char castagna mary Moore dalton Miles Pacaldo

Cover by Harley Healy

English language

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