Jaywalk #4


Jaywalk #4. Edited by Austin English and Floyd Tangeman. $10, 64 pages, color cover, black and white interiors. Published by Domino Books. English language

JAYWALK, a QUARTERLY anthology from DOMINO, forges ahead! Issue #4 has an amazing cover by Hope Kogod and comics by Nick Fowler, Owwi Lee, Minnie Slocum, Lillian Ansell, Juliette Collet, Vanessa Conte, Arthur K, Juliacks, Mara Ramirez and a back cover by Lydia Mamalis and hand drawn ads by Kade McClements. The goal of Jaywalk, as I see it: an ongoing forum for artists who work against the grain to publish REGULARLY. For a generation of experimental cartoonists, there's a lack of publications to work in print/public on a consistent basis, which pushes creative work into a vacuum. We hope, with this publication, to provide an alternative. This series will hopefully be a strong articulation of everything Domino is currently trying to do, and we're excited for you to read it.

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