Oficina Arara X + II


ARARA X+II: The present Vade-Retrum-Mécum-Magnum-Ó!tupus-Moto-Cangurulatório appears at the glimpse of 10 years of insistence of Oficina Arara, successively postponed by sisyphic delusions, collective disruptions, pandemics and other alienist inversions, appearing now in the form of an exquisite-corpse, in the year 2022, after 12 syntosynchronized rounds to the moon by the flock of birds and their patafurdicophobic comrades // Edited by Oficina Arara, Porto 03/2022, 31 x 25 cm

Founded in 2010 by a group of artists, designers and a mechanical engineer, Oficina Arara is a graphic/art laboratory equipped to work with silkscreen, along with other printing and editing techniques. Based in an old hangar at a dead-end alley in Porto (Portugal), it works as an arena for experimental artistic mixed-media fusion, rescuing the organic plasticity and vibration of the matter through hand-printed posters, books, record covers, etc. Like a dream-machine, Oficina Arara feeds itself from the desires and deliriums of its founding members: Miguel Carneiro, Dayana Lucas, Marta & Alves Von Calhau and Luís Silva, as well as from the community of partners coming from all kinds of backgrounds. Set on exploring both critically and creatively the many processes and methodologies inherently related to the creation of posters, books and other graphic objects. Our goal is to establish a continuous, uninterrupted flow throughout all the phases of the process, reconnecting technical means and rekindling creativity in a one, singular flux. Oficina Arara’s hangar opens its door regularly to present the new printed silkscreen collections. It can be turned into a multi-functional platform, as a gallery, a concert hall, or a workshop atelier… offering national and international artists and projects to show their work. ARARA crew of yesterday and now is: Miguel Carneiro, João Alves, Luís Silva, Irina Pereira, Pedro Nora, Bruno Borges, Dayana Lucas, Daniela Duarte, Ruca Bourbon, Von Calhau, Rui Silva, Mariya Nesvyetaylo.

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