Swag #4 by Cameron Arthur


The fourth issue of Cameron Arthur's one-man anthology presents the great story Night, about the reunion of a Texan family.

English language

Swag #5 and #6 are also available in the shop.
Swag #4 was one of the best comics of 2022 according to justindiecomics.com.
Every issue of Swag is highly recommended.

This is what the artist said about Swag #4 in an interview published in Just Indie Comics Newsletter #3:

"The journey to issue 4 was my journey through college. My interests started to shift to the films outside of the U.S. and I began to truly grasp the skill of artists like the Hernandez Brothers. I also became very interested in artists like Olivier Schrauwen and Joe Kessler. These are artists who I think are really pushing the medium of comics. With Swag 4 I wanted to use the Ben Jones and Fort Thunder school of making comics with the themes I was seeing in a lot of the films I had been watching. This is something I hadn’t seen done before.
Another important note about the story in Swag 4 is that it is set in Texas. I am trying to find my voice as a Texas cartoonist. There is a lineage of Texas cartoonists that I am a part of. From the newspaper strip artist Roy Crane to 60’s underground cartoonists Gilbert Shelton and Jack Jackson to oddballs like Pat Boyette and maybe most importantly Gary Panter who also spent part of his youth in South Texas. My stories are all set in Texas. Swag 4 has to do with a growing small town that has shifted from the old ranching ways of Texas to a more oil focused culture and how that has effected a family"

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